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Application of green coffee bean extract

The green coffee bean extract is derived from the seeds of the Rubiaceae plant Coffea Arabica L., Coffea canephora Pierreex Froehn. and Coffea liberica Bul1.ex H1en. Its main ingredient is chlorogenic acid and its homologues, which have the effects of lowering blood pressure, anti-tumor, nourishing kidney, and anti-oxidation. It can also be used in health foods to make health foods sweet and delicious. In recent years, scientists in the United States have proved the weight-loss effect of green coffee bean extract, and this type of product is very popular in the United States, Europe, and Japan.

Green coffee bean extract contains more chlorogenic acid, so it is often used as an effective source of chlorogenic acid. Therefore, green coffee bean extract is widely used in the field of weight loss and fat reduction. . Existing studies have pointed out that direct consumption of green coffee bean extract can achieve better weight loss effects. In order to enhance the weight loss and lipid-lowering effects of green coffee beans, large doses of green coffee bean extract are often taken in actual use, but In clinical applications, users who take large doses of green coffee bean extract often experience discomfort and adverse reactions due to a relatively strong hunger or a burning sensation in the stomach.

Sustained Release Tablets:

Premix 20%wt of green coffee bean extract (containing 50% chlorogenic acid), 10%wt of HPMC (E50), 0.2%wt of pre-cured starch, and use GHL high-speed mixing granulator for mixing Granulation, shearing at medium/high speed, stirring at medium/low speed, mixing uniformly and breaking agglomerates; use 80% alcohol solution to spray the mixture of green coffee bean extract, HPMC and pre-crossed starch The spraying time is about 15 minutes, and the amount of alcohol solution used is 15-50%wt of the component formula. After adding the alcohol solution, the mixture is wet mixed (shear at high speed, and stir at medium/low speed) 1 ‑2 minutes to obtain pellets; crush the obtained pellets, break up the larger agglomerates, and pass the swing granulator to obtain smaller particles. Dry the particles with a fluidized bed dryer or an oven, and the loss on drying is 3%-9%; crush the particles and sieve with a 12-20 mesh to obtain the required particle size. Continue to add 0.2%wt magnesium stearate, stir evenly for 3-5 minutes and then press to obtain a hard tablet with a hardness of 100-200N. The outer surface of the tablet is coated with 2.0%wt gastric-soluble film coating powder. Get the finished product. The obtained green coffee bean extract sustained-release tablet has a specification of 1000 mg/tablet, and each tablet contains 200 mg of green coffee extract. application:

CN201510515625.6 reports a method for synthesizing nano-silver glue using green coffee bean extract as a reducing agent, which includes the following steps: preparing an oxidant in the reaction: dissolving silver salt in deionized water and stirring until it is completely dissolved to obtain an oxidizing agent Standby; Reducing agent in the preparation reaction: Dissolve the plant extract in deionized water and stir until it is completely dissolved to prepare the reducing agent for use; To synthesize small particle size nano silver glue: Drop the prepared reducing agent into the oxidizing agent, while Stir while dripping, and continue stirring for ten minutes after dripping to ensure complete reaction. The invention uses green coffee bean plant extract as a reducing agent to prepare nano silver, which has low cost, simple operation, and is environmentally friendly, and the prepared nano silver has a smaller size and is antibacterial than the nano silver prepared by the traditional method. The effect is better.

CN201310745455.1 provides a weight loss composition and a preparation method thereof. The weight loss composition includes the following raw materials in parts by weight: citrus young fruit extract 100-400, apple young fruit extract 50-500, and green coffee bean extract 200 -600. The weight loss composition provided by the present invention combines citrus young fruit extract, apple young fruit extract, and green coffee bean extract in a specific ratio, and the citrus polyphenols and apple polyphenols contained in the composition can inhibit fat digestion activity , Inhibit the body's absorption of fatty foods. Green coffee bean extract can accelerate body metabolism and increase body fat burning. Under normal diet, it can effectively reduce energy intake and reduce weight.

CN201611108062.X provides a composition for lowering blood sugar and an application thereof. The composition mainly includes the following components in parts by weight: 10-50 parts of mulberry leaf extract, 1-30 parts of cinnamon extract, and green coffee bean extract 5-60 parts. The composition for lowering blood sugar of the present invention uses mulberry leaf extract, cinnamon extract, and green coffee bean extract as effective raw materials. The three components are scientifically compatible, have synergistic effects, and reasonably match excipients, and can be prepared into an effective blood sugar lowering composition. Edible drugs improve the compliance of diabetic patients and reduce the pain of taking drugs.

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